Tech United

Tech United is a multidisciplinary team of present and former students, PhD's and staff of Eindhoven University of Technology whose focus lies on the development of robotics. The team combines knowledge of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer algorithms to solve problems.

Tech United takes part in different competitions all over the world. RoboCup is the annual world championships for robots that are able to communicate with and respond to a constantly changing environment. RoboCup is an open-source tournament, which means that after each competition all the data is shared among the competitors. And each year the rules of RoboCup are extended so that the teams are constantly being challenged to innovate in order to keep ahead of their competitors.

Tech United has two teams taking part in RoboCup, one with autonomous soccer robots in the Middel Size League and one team with an autonomous care robot in the @Home League. Apart from the RoboCup world championships, Tech United takes part in a number of European robotics tournaments. Tech United's soccer robots have already won the European title 7 times and has reached the final of the world championships 8 tomes, winning twice.