Innovation Space

TU/e Innovation Space is a community and facility that supports multidisciplinary hands-on education, engineering design and entrepreneurship.

It provides a place where students learn to deal with complex societal and industrial challenges, create prototypes and develop innovations in collaboration with researchers, business and each other.

Before making it's official start in the Matrix building in 2018, the concept will first be tested in Gaslab, where already some very interesting teams are working on their innovative prototypes. Come and visit Gaslab to get to know these prototypes and get a sneak peek of the major plans TU/e Innovation Space foresees!

Examples of projects:

  •  JimFIT: special sensors and an app enable patients to get real-time feedback and monitoring of their homework exercises they perform at home.
  • eMinds: aims to develop software that solves the problem of losing knowledge. Creating one place for all your knowledge, stored in an intuitive and radial fashion. Your personalized knowledge database enables you to retrieve knowledge where and whenever you need it.
  • Jackx: develop a special and easy system that ensures your jacket won’t be ripped during a night of going out.
  • Team Solid: Making iron powder a sustainable energy carrier
  • Abby: developing a solar-powered bike
  •  Living Lab Home: Build one to three houses on the TU/e campus that make use of synergetic technologies to ensure that sustainable houses are real homes rather than an accumulation of user-unfriendly products.