Create your own 3D design

Industrial Design students learn to create prototypes to make their ideas tangible. Students usually create several prototypes to get to their final design. The department offers several facilities to achieve this. For example the “rapid prototyping” lab, equipped with several machines such as 3D printers and laser cutters. In this lab, students learn these techniques from professionals. Aside from supporting students, these professionals help researchers and companies with their research.

3D printing opened a whole new world for designing and producing products. Shapes that were impossible to create before, can now be realized by 3D printing. 

Sign up for a workshop in which you will learn to draw in a 3D program. You could for example draw a name tag, ear rings, or whatever you like. After creating your design, we will print it. You will receive it as a souvenir in your mailbox later!

Workshops 3D design
For participants age 12+ (kids under 12 only under parental supervision)
12:30 h
14:00 h
15:30 h

Please note: there is only a limited amount of seats available for this workshop. You can sign up at the reception desk of the Laplace building.


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