Art Commission TU/e

In addition to giving – asked-for and unsolicited – advice to the Executive Board, the task of the Art Committee is fourfold:

- maintaining and managing the visual art collection of the university; 
- caring for and contributing to the expansion of this collection;
- caring for and contributing to the expansion of the graphic arts collection; 
- drawing attention to the art collection of the TU/e in general.

Extensive information about the activities of the Art Committee may be found in the annual report 2002 - 2003, 2004 -2005 and 2006 - 2007 (contact Gerard Verhoogt, secretary/curator).

For the coming years the Art Committee TU/e has drawn up a new policy plan. Every year it wants to organize a project around art, science and technology, which will be shaped in cooperation with a Department and an artist. The intention is for this project to develop into a work of art, which can be added to the existing collection.

The Art Committee also supports projects in the areas of art, culture, architecture and design, both with recommendations and financially. Such as States of Nature, Blob art Pavillion, KOE and in 2006 De Betekenaar, a project of Hugo Vrijdag.

The present members of the TU/e Art Commission are:
Prof.dr Bernard Colenbrander, chairman
Heleen de Morree, treasurer                                                          
Gerard Verhoogt, secretary/curator
Members: drs. Joep Huiskamp, drs. Anneroos Dijkhuis ir. Alfons Bruekers, Anna Houwen, Caroline Koot, Rianne Schaaf.

For further information about the Art Commission please contact
Gerard Verhoogt, tel. 040 - 2474378 of mailen naar


The Graphic Art Committee, a subcommittee of the Art Committee, maintains and manages the graphic arts collection of the TU/e, which comprises approximately 860 works. The works may be borrowed by TU/e employees.

The Graphic Art Committee consists of: 
Jeanneke Grimbergen, collection manager
Léonie van Santvoort, graphic artist and external member
Rianne Schaaf, member Art Committee TU/e artist and member of the TU/e Art Commission

For more information about the collection or about borrowing graphic art you can look on the page of the Graphic Art Committee or on the page of the Graphic Arts Loan.