ICT Services

ICT Services is responsible for the ICT infrastructure for users on the campus. This means responsibility for the laying and management of the networks that enable communication as well as the equipment used by staff and students to pursue their education and research.
The equipment that uses the ICT infrastructure varies from smartphone to notebook or desktop and sophisticated measuring equipment.

Access to the TU/e network with VPN

As an employee or student to be able to use TU/e ICT facilities outside TU/e campus you need a VPN connection that provides access to the TU/e network. The information required for VPN installation and configuration can be found in the appropriate download file. To gain access the Corporate Systems if you work at the TU/e install special software only available at the TU/e. For personal support and information regarding VPN and other ICT services, we are happy to help you. The helpdesk of ICT Services is available from Monday to Friday between 8.30-17.00hrs. Please contact ICT Services by phone 040-247 2000 or ictservices@tue.nl

Remote assistance

Remote assistance allows us to solve your IT problems from a remote location.
After you have been invited by a ServiceCenter employee, click the TeamViewer logo. The TU/e logo will appear and a TeamViewer download will present itself. Save the file and run it to start using remote assistance.

Contact details

ICT Services
Kennispoort, 5th floor
John F Kennedylaan 2
P.O Box 513
+ 31 (0)40 - 247 2000