Focus Sessions website

During the development process of the website we will organize so called Focus Sessions. A small group of our stakeholders will be invited to discuss a specific website theme or subject.  

The first Focus Session was held on October 24 and focused on the Search function of the website. Some stakeholders showed us how they search on the internet and which keywords they use. It gave us a good idea of their search behavior which we can use in developing the website. Thank you, Kees Storm, Anthal Smits and Torsten Schröder for ‘searching’ with us.  

On November 27 we organized a Focus Session for the configuration/settings of the Pure Portal. After an introduction of the Portal, which will have a close connection to our new Research website, we looked at all the options in the back end of the portal to get feedback on the settings. What should be visible in the Portal and what not? We were happy to hear enthusiastic reactions of the participants about all the options the Portal offers. And we will use the feedback for setting up the Portal. Special thanks to Rong-Hao Liang, Teun van den Biggelaar and Rianne Sanders for joining this Focus Session!