Oxfam Novib

Oxfam Novib ICT 4D

In the context of our development programs, the Oxfam Novib Academy has identified the need for research on how ICT is currently being used in the in the areas of monitoring and evaluation, public empowerment, and emergency response. Currently there is lack of an overview of our ICT4D initiatives, little knowledge on what works and what doesn’t, and an absent ICT4D strategy. This makes our ICT4D practice inefficient and ineffective.

Key deliverables of this research would be among other things:

  • A SWOT analysis on all ICT tools currently used in our development programs.
  • Assessment of our ICT for development practice against current research
  • The building of a portfolio of field-proven ICT4D solutions that can be quickly and easily adapted to project needs.
  • Recommendations on how to implement and continuously improve standard processes for ICT4D project implementation that adhere to the principles for digital development
  • Well-founded recommendations as to how to build an overall strategy.

These deliverables can be further refined based on your input and thesis requirements.
For more information on this MSc research, please contact:

dr. H.A. Romijn : H.A.Romijn@tue.nl phone:2543

or dr. J.I. Hoffken: J.I.Hoffken@tue.nl phone:4754