TGD Solutions

About TGD Solutions

We operate under the umbrella of TGD (Technology for Global Development), a trusted organization within the Eindhoven University of Technology. Our aim is to connect promising students with academical supervisors through engaging and meaningful technological projects in the developing world.

Our mission

The challenges our world currently faces are massive. But at the same time, we have an unprecedented opportunity at hand to tackle global issues in an unprecedented way. Development of technology has so far brought undeniable and huge advances. Now is the time to grasp the opportunity and exploit these advances in new ways.

Technology has made the world a better place by bringing about impactful societal changes. Our children no longer die of measles, less people live in extreme poverty and we are constantly connected to each other and to the enormous body of knowledge that our species has painstakingly acquired in the past. There is a continuous trend towards more equitable and fair living.

At the same time, many challenges remain, and new ones arise as technological solutions that enabled our transition into the information age often bring new stringent challenges for the future:
Half a billion people go to bed hungry almost every day. Far too many children still die of illnesses that could be easily cured. Education is not yet available to everybody. Thousands of species die out every year through human interaction. Pollution is now considered one of the biggest threats to mankind. The oceans, one of our vital food supplies, can no longer sustain our demands. Global warming is a severe threat to our way of life. The list goes on.

We at TGD Solutions made it our duty to address these challenges. Our conviction that more directed scientific research can yield innovative solutions is reflected in the strong academic background of our founders. Since we operate under the umbrella of TGD, based at the TU/e—Eindhoven University of Technology—we have the privilege to tap into the creative young minds of the bright students that this institution attracts from all over the world.
TGD solutions maintains connections with entrepreneurs, companies, NGOs and local governments in developing countries, that share the same goals and ideals as we do. Our objective is to advise, design and implement technological solutions for technical challenges. We take into account the local resources as well as local societal and technical difficulties. This way, we ensure sustainable solutions and foster a direct link between the TU/e and our partners in these emerging technological markets.

Being an associate of the TU/e offers unique benefits: we have a multinational team of highly motivated researchers, assisted by bright students, that thrive in complex challenges, and that know first-hand the numerous problems their home countries are facing. Our students are constantly looking for ways to solve real-world problems through ambitious projects they take on throughout their studies at the TU/e. Their impressive portfolios can be readily found on the University website. Student teams, such as the Solar Team, Drone Café or the University Racecar Team, have all tackled and solved engineering problems and implemented their solutions in a professional and highly successful manner.