Theses in Technology, Development and Globalisation

In this section you will find a list of all the master theses that have been done concerning Technology for Global Development.

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MSc. Theses in the Field of Technology for Global Development


16.05 Mutia Prabawati: Sustainability of rural electrification projects: Case Study of Private Sector Intervention in Indonesia.

16.04 Si Liu: Jatropha Biofuel Development in Cultivation And Processing In China from 2007 to 2012: A Field Study.

16.03 Rodrigo González López: Identifying enabling and hindering factors to design better business models for rural electrification: Rural Uganda case study.

16.02 Hasna Afifah: Evaluation of State-Sponsored Rural Electrification Project in Indonesia: A case study of Pengantap Hamlet, West Nusa Tenggara and lessons from process and learning-based approach.

16.01 Joaquin Corella Puente: Augmenting the SNM framework as a practical tool for sustainable innovation in the South. Design and implementation of technologies for small-scale farmers in Northern Mexico.


15.03 Jonathan Rodriguez Polit: Exploration of the User-Value of Rural Electrification through Solar Home Systems in Southwestern Uganda: A Case Study.

 15.02 Mara van Welie: NGOs’ transformative approaches. Exploring how Cordaid can contribute to a fundamental change of the sanitation system in urban informal settlements in low-income countries.

15.01 Peter Kuin: No view from nowhere; studying diverging stakeholders’ framework to reduce conflict over water resources in Loitokitok


14.06 Eric Gold: Minimizing implementation failure in rural energy projects in development. A responsible innovation approach.

14.05 Bipashyee Ghosh: Sustainability appraisal of emerging trajectories in solar photovoltaic and urban systems in India and Thailand. A multi-criteria mapping analysis.

14.04 Ariane Biemond: African Cotton Production in Transition; requirements for achieving a breakthrough of sustainable cultivation in the Ethiopian cotton sector.

14.03 Iliana Lykissa: A socio-technical evaluation of Solar Home Systems in Uganda: A case study with SolarNow.

14.02 Benedikt Wirmer: A functional approach to guide sustainable innovations in the sanitation chain. Malawi.

14.01 Maro Roussou: The application of participatory methods to co-develop sustainable solutions for domestic hot water and filtration of grey water. Promotion of effective participation of an indigenous school in rural Mexico.


13.07 Joep de Boer: Building a brickmakers’ cooperative in Lubuk Alung, Indonesia; an analysis of justifications and conflict situations emerging in the process of building the cooperative.

13.06 Julian Vargas Talavera: Exploring the potential of small biodigesters for electricity production in developing countries. A multi-level analysis on possible adoption in Uganda and Bolivia.

13.05 Sander Dikken: Socio-economic assessment of niche opportunities for sustainable fish- and shellfish cultivation with micro algae. Cases in the Netherlands and Tanzania.

13.04 Joosje Oosterbaan: Housing towards prosperity: an actor-network analysis of the enactment of an urban redevelopment policy and grassroots vision in the Beetham a neighbourhood of Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago.

13.03 Roché Mahomedradja: The role of expectations and the societal impact regarding the use of Jatropha as a biofuel feedstock: Insights from India in pursuit of a biodiesel industry.

13.02 Kristine van Tubergen: Partnering up in Base of Pyramid projects.

13.01 Martijn Pastoors: Jatrophamania: A multi-perspective evaluation of Jatropha initiatives in Tanzania and Lombok, Indonesia.


12.07 Todo Hotma Tua Simarmata: Developing Transition Paths toward Sustainable Solar PV Development for Rural Electrification in Indonesia.

12.06 Arina Schoonbeek: Sustainable Business Model: Analyzing the Activities of Renewable Energy Organizations for Poverty Reduction in Indonesia and the Great Lakes Region in Africa.

12.05 Harini Challapally: Clean Development Mechanism's (CDM) contribution to clean energy technology development in India.

12.04 Willem Giesbers: Dutch private sector-driven development cooperation policy. An institutional analysis.

12.03 Fernando Flores Gallegos: Social Capital: the linking piece for a sustainable development puzzle? Mexico.

12.02 Frans van Herwijnen: Prepaid water in Namibia: Understanding the ongoing transition.

12.01 Lisanne Saes: Prepaid water in Namibia: The impact of prepaid household water meters on the inhabitants and the municipality of Otjiwarongo.


11.04 Rosa Kuipers: Success factors for the logistics of human nutrients in urban areas for use in agriculture. Philippines/India.

11.03 Naomi Baan Hofman: Cultivating under Contract. An Actor-Network perspective on the socio-technical shaping of farmers' practices in north India.

11.02 Jacqueline Kooij: Microhydropower in Indonesia. Reflecting on learning processes.

11.01 Bart Hellings: Using Carbon Credits for Social Entrepreneurship: A case study at Diligent Tanzania ltd.


10.06 Otto Maria Jandl: Barriers for the employment of floating invasive weeds for biogas production in local communities in West African Developing Countries.

10.05 Michiel Roks: Size and Sustainability: The treatment of smallholders in sustainability certification of biomass for energy purposes. Tanzania.

10.04 I. Kahraman: Analyzing the Barriers and opportunities for the Turkish PV Market.

10.03 Sanne Heijnen: The impact of small scale renewable energy projects in least developed countries - a baseline study. Tanzania.

10.02 Souliman Nnafie: Assessing Political Responsibility of Transnational Advocacy Networks through Social Network Analysis. An Empirical Study

10.01 Suyash Jolly: Upscaling of niche experiments in PV solar energy for transition to sustainability in India.