TGD is an awareness-promoting organization. The core activities are developed by an enthusiastic team of students (the Activity Committee), which organises lectures, seminars and public events. It is also responsible for the website and information activities.The Acivity Committee receives support from experienced staff. Students and staff hail from all TU/e faculties, financial support is provided by the TU/e Board of Directors.

TGD has an Advisory Board, which meets twice a year. The Advisory Board consists of staff and students representing all the TU/e departments. Presently there are 13 members in the General Board. The day-to-day work of TGD is the responsibility of the Daily Board of 7 members.

Students play a prominent role in TGD. Many of the ideas and suggestions for new TGD activities originate with our student members. If you are interested in participating in TGD, please send an email to the TGD secretariat: There is always both place and need for new active student members.

Next you will find a list of all the boards and the members

General Board  

  • Ward J.E. Cottaar (Chairman)
  • Mariëlle Besling-Dullaert(Secretariat)
  • Dr. Henny Romijn.
  • Ir. Mara Wijnker
  • Dr. Johanna Höffken
  • Ir. Eefje Hendriks
  • Student member:

Advisory Board

Scientific staff:

  • Ward J.E. Cottaar (Appl. Ph.) (Chairman)
  • Bart ter Haar Romenij (BMT)
  • Mariëlle Besling-Dullaert(Secretary)
  • Dr. Henny Romijn (IE&IS)
  • Ir. Monika Roeling (IE&IS)
  • Drs. Marleen G. van Heusden(STU)
  • Dione van Noort (Mechn. Eng.)
  • Dr. Fausto Gallucci (Chem. Eng. and Chem.)
  • Frijns (ME)
  • Dr.Dipl.-Ing Torsten Schroder  (Building Eng.)

Students / PHD:

  • Tanja Manders 
  • Joes Janmaat

Activity Committee


  • Ana Pereira (Chairman)
  • Nadine Bartman (Chairman)
  • Alessandro Di Pietro (Secretary)
  • Camila Duarte
  • Bram Martens
  • Mercedes Fuentes
  • Anil Kumar
  • Marco Baccega
  • Enrico Dainese
  • Uy Pham
  • Paula Subias
  • Santiago Angel
  • Michael Stolk
  • Kamile Vaitkute
  • Daniel Salinas
  • Osmar Pacheco
  • Gilberto Bazan Gomez