Let’s start with an introduction: I am Ab Meijs, a 5th year Biomedical Engineering student in the group Computational Biology. The further I came into my study, the more I started thinking about the various possibilities within the TU/e and in the corporate world. By taking the first step orienting, I came into contact with various career organizations on the TU/e. The first major step that I took to further develop myself and to get in touch with cooperate live was a board year at Integrand Eindhoven during the 2016-2017 academic year. This instructive year brought along a new network and contacts with Technificent!

Before the summer of 2017, I was hired by Technificent as a junior consultant, to offer support in the field of acquisition and account management. It is a dynamic job where I have contact with the corporate world and further develop my understanding and network.


Altogether, the last years have been very instructive and I have gained a lot of new knowledge. If you, as a student, would like to receive support with the orientation phase and discuss the possibilities on the job market, do not hesitate and contact us!