Marina van Damme Grant

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Are you a woman, a TU/e engineering graduate (MSc, PDEng or PhD), ambitious and working in science, industry or government? Would you like to start a business, write a book, do research or do you have other ambitious plans? Then why not put forward your candidature for the Marina van Damme grant. A sum of € 9,000 can deepen or extend your knowledge and provide international orientation in the shape of a study, traineeship or project. Mail your proposal before 13 July!

Dr.Ir. Marina van Damme

This award had been made possible by a donation from Mrs Marina van Damme (1953). She is a Delft engineering graduate and the first female to gain a PhD at the University of Twente. She has had a distinguished career in science and industry. Marina van Damme wants to enable young female engineering graduates of TU/e to develop and boost their job and career prospects. Marina van Damme has already awarded grants to female engineering graduates 36 times. Her motivation: "I have been given the opportunity to build up some wealth, which now allows me to support young ambitious women." Thanks to Marina van Damme, the grant can be made available annually through the Eindhoven University Fund (UFe).

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