Alumni as Ambassadors

Alumni and TU/e can mean a lot to each other, which is why we feel it is important to stay in touch. You can profit from our expertise, networks and activities the TU/e community offers. And, of course, we are keen to make use of your expertise! There are plenty of opportunities to participate in the TU/e community as a TU/e ambassador. 

Alumni Team

We are very keen to involve our alumni when informing prospective students about studying at TU/e. These students are interested in the career opportunities once they are graduated. And who could tell them better than you?
Would you be interested to spend one or two times a year a couple of hours on information activities, such as an interview, recording, being a speaker at an event or a speed date? Become a member of the Alumni Team. 

Coach and inspire students

To prepare students for their professional life after their studies, we frequently recruit alumni as coach or inspirer. Several departments organize meetings which allow students and alumni to brainstorm and exchange ideas. Sometimes students need to interview alumni for a career assignment.

Would you like to help us inspire these new generation of engineers? Fill in this form so that we know what we may approach you for. 

Give back another way?

Perhaps you want to amount to TU/e or your department in another way. What about doing a guest lecture, collaborate in research, volunteering or being in the board of the alumni society, or offering an internship? Send an e-mail to TU/e Alumnirelations and we'll make sure your offer will be taken care of.