Alumni Coach Network

TU/e introduces the Alumni Coach Network. An online network which connects young people who are looking for career guidance with TU/e engineers who are willing to share their (professional) experiences. This helps them making choices in their career orientation.

Experienced alumni
Are you a TU/e alumnus/alumna who graduated 3-30 years ago? Sign in as an alumni coach.

Young professionals
Are you a TU/e alumnus who graduated recently (max. 3 years)? Sign in as a coachee

Are you a TU/e student, and would you like to get some help with your career orientation? Learn more about becoming a coachee.   


Are you curious how our alumni coaches and coachees have experienced their coaching session? Read their testimonials.

Other (live) activities

Besides the online tool, several departments organize meetings which allow students and alumni to brainstorm and exchange ideas. Sometimes students need to interview alumni for a career assignment.

Would you like to help us inspire these new generation of engineers? Fill in this form so that we know what we may approach you for.