Life Long Learning

As a TU/e alumnus you maintain a 'life long' connection with the university, which enables you to access many of the possibilities TU/e offers in the area of post-graduate education and further professional development. 

Alumni vouchers to follow courses

Did you graduate recently and did you registrate in Alumninet? You will receive vouchers with which you can participate in regular TU/e lectures. With an alumni voucher you can follow two courses of five credits per subject max. The vouchers are valid for 2 years. You can only follow courses that are part of an education. Language education, skills training, staff training and courses for designers / PhD/students are excluded. Have a look a the courses you can follow.

When you have graduated a while ago and would like to go back to college. Their is the option to follow a contract student program. Register as participant

TU/e Open Lectures

In co-operation with the High Tech Campus (HTCE), TU/e organizes a variety of Open Lectures for its students and alumni and HTCE employees. The lectures are of scientific character and the perspective of possible application.

Dates and subjects: Open Lectures 2017.  

Career activities

TU/e values a good start after graduation. During your studies you were already able to participate in the activities of the TU/e CareerCenter (up to six months after graduating). Now that you are graduated, we would still like to give you a helping hand in your career. That is why we offer these career activities for our alumni. 

Post graduate education

TU/e offers alumni a wide range of possibilities when it comes to post-graduate education and further professional development. These forms of education are organized by TU/e, and partly in co-operation with external parties. Being an alumnus, you benefit from discounts at organizations such as TIAS. 

TIAS is the business school of Tilburg University and TU/e together, and has a broad variety of part-time masters, MBA courses, masterclasses, PhD tracks and custom fit solutions. When registered in Alumninet, you will get a 10% discount on the TIAS executive programs. 

3TU.School for Technological Design, Stan Ackermans Institute
Together with other Dutch institutes of technology, TU/e offers a two-year designers course in which you both extend your knowledge of technolgy, and apply this knowlegde in practice. There will also be a focus on professional skills, with which you may improve your chances in the job market. 

Lectures Home Academy

At the Home Academy, you are able to follow lectures about interesting topics such as history and physical science. When registered in Alumninet, you will receive a 15% discount on every mp3 downloads. Simply use this code: TUE7315. To try out the streaming service for free the first month, use TUE2015KD.

Senior Academy

For an intellectual challenge, join the HOVO Brabant Senior Academy. From history of art to philosophy, from physical science to psychology, there is clearly a broad variety of topics. As alumnus, you are able to register for free. Send an e-mail to to receive a voucher.