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TU/e innovation Space is a community that facilitates & supports interdisciplinary hands-on education, engineering design and entrepreneurship.

About us

TU/e innovation Space, located on the Eindhoven university campus at the heart of the high-tech Brainport region, is a new initiative of the Eindhoven University of Technology that aims to connect inventive, entrepreneurial and highly motivated students across all disciplines on campus in challenging projects. In interdisciplinary teams, students develop innovative science-based solutions to real-world challenges - in collaboration with scientific staff, businesses and other organizations around.TU/e innovation Space helps in developing an educational eco-system to deliver the best engineers for this industry, the 'Engineers for the Future'.

TU/e innovation Space is an important platform for assembling an inspiring community, from which new research collaborations, start-ups and industrial collaborations can emerge. In TU/e innovation Space, we are breaking boundaries by working together: innovation through collaboration.


These are the projects that are currently in development in iSpace. See what they are up to, how you could help or start a collaboration.

Team solid

Realising a circular power station using iron as a sustainable energy carrier.

Team CASA: Building Living Lab Homes

the Comfortable Affordable, Sustainable Alternative for Housing


We close the cycle.


Rehabilitate faster, easier and better!


Jakx is an anti-theft system for coats, that combines the ease and compactness of a coat rack, with the safety of a guarded cloakroom.


Meaningful wearable technology for visually impared.

T.E.S.T. (TU Eindhoven Sensing Team)

We as student team T.E.S.T. aim to aid the transformation from cure oriented healthcare to preventative healthcare with innovative biosensor solutions at home.


Developing embedded electronics for tailor made photovoltaics

Team RED

Integrating sustainable, local and flexible energy sources in the Smart Grid.


We deliver a sustainable smart city solution providing premium mobility and more.

Dynamic Campus Mapping Team

Designing for complex multi-stakeholder situations.


IGNITE is a mulitdisciplinair team that will participate at GLOW 2018.


Cyclone is developing an autonomous race drone that will compete in drone races.

Team Neos

Sustainable urban farming in empty buildings.


Durable, highly insulating and modular greenhouse cladding that facilitates energy efficiecy in greenhouses.


The interferometry and radiation student team.

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