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The Wervingsdagen organizes the largest career events of Eindhoven University of Technology. Each year we organize the Skill Sessions, Career Expo and the Interviewing Days.


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Every year, the Wervingsdagen Committee organises the most important career events of the TU/e, namely the Skill Sessions, the Career Expo, and the Interviewing Days. These events help students get ready for- and orient themselves at the job market.

Skill Sessions

The Skill Sessions consist of a week full of free workshops and trainings for every student of the TU/e. These workshops are aimed at helping you get ready for the job market by teaching you things such as how to prepare for a job interview, check your CV, and steer your own development.

Career Expo

At the Career Expo 150+ companies will visit the Auditorium building at the TU/e. These companies will present themselves through company stands and so-called “speeddates” with students. The Committee makes the selection of companies themselves and make sure that there’s something for every student at the Career Expo. Each year about 3500 students visit the Career Expo, making it the biggest career event of the TU/e. 

Interviewing Days

The Interviewing Days are the third and last event the Wervingsdagen Committee organises. This event is aimedat third-year Bachelor-, Master- and PhD students. It is the perfect opportunity to get to know potential employers and even apply for a job. During the Interviewing Days you can talk with recruiters through personal one-on-one conversations, or have a lunch or dinner together with other students and two recruiters. New in 2018 are the Company Cases, during which you can learn what types of problems the company faces daily by solving one with a group of students.

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