Science and Technology of Nuclear Fusion

Why study Fusion?

Fusion research is accelerating, ITER needs well-trained engineers

The worldwide collaboration on the development of nuclear fusion as a safe, clean and inexhaustible energy source is now culminating in the construction of the large test reactor ITER. ITER is being built in Europe (in Cadarache, France) and will demonstrate 10-fold power multiplication at the 500 MW level.

The ITER project is giving the science and engineering of nuclear fusion a major boost. ITER will also need a new generation of highly trained engineers and scientists for its operation. Eindhoven University of Technology has selected fusion science and technology as one of its high profile areas, by starting a dedicated research group and establishing a full-blown education programme on fusion at the Master level.

The 2-year Fusion Master at Eindhoven University of Technology

The Fusion Master is the obvious path for those who want to specialize in fusion. The curriculum is truly interdisciplinary – combining elements from Applied Physics, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering – and places emphasis on the goal-oriented nature of fusion research. Also the international character of fusion research, the work in interdisciplinary groups and the societal aspects are emphasized in the program. Just to be sure: your diploma will say ‘Master of Science and Technology of Nuclear Fusion’.

For those who want to combine the Fusion Master study with Applied Physics, or Electrical or Mechanical Engineering, it is also possible to put together a ‘double degree’ program, which requires about 6 months of extra study.

So if you are bright and ambitious, interested in high-tech and not shy of a serious challenge, and feel a concern for the sustainability of the planet, Fusion might be just the study for you. Why don’t you drop by/email/skype us to get more information?

Oh, and note that foreign students are very welcome to our Fusion Master. All lectures and study material are in English, which is the working language in the group anyway. But depending on where you are from, there may be special admission criteria - do check out the information for foreign students.

Science and Technology of Nuclear Fusion is rated as best technical Master of the Netherlands in 2016 in the National Student Survey

Top Rated Program

Science and Technology of Nuclear Fusion has earned the title 'Top Rated Program' by Keuzegids Masters 2018.

NVAO accredited

This program is legally recognized and accredited by the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO).