Ferdi van de Wetering: Dusty plasmas

My name is Ferdi van de Wetering; I have finished my graduation project at EPG in August 2011. I have been working on dusty plasmas, which are plasmas that contain solid-state particles up to micrometer sizes. These particles spontaneously form under the right conditions. Isn’t that neat? Well, for some applications such as lithography it isn’t. My task was to look at the precursor of these dust particles and I use a powerful pulsed laser and a so-called microwave cavity as nice diagnostic tools.

This, however, has not been my first ‘experience’ with EPG. About two years ago I also did my internal internship at EPG, that time working on streamers. So I guess I’m rather familiar, so to say, with the ins and outs of the group.

For both my internship and graduation project I first visited the group to discuss the available options as well as the formalities and practicalities. EPG is a very hospitable group and welcomes every motivated student to join and strengthen the group. Everyone is always eager to help, which is something vital once you encounter Murphy’s law. I therefore don’t regret choosing for EPG (twice!) in the slightest bit.

Something about everyday ‘life’ then. The atmosphere in the group is absolutely great. The lunch breaks in the common room are something you don’t want to miss, as through the sometimes funny, heated, or long discussions you really get to know your colleagues. EPG is also a close group and every other month or so, somebody comes up with a nice group activity. These range from barbecues to bike tours to beer brewing (and drinking!) sessions. And that’s without counting the almost weekly pub quiz. So, one thing you won’t do at EPG is bore yourself!

Ferdi van de Wetering, Eindhoven, August 2011