Veerle Crijns

Partly at EPG, but mostly at ASML, I finished my graduation project in February 2014. I studied the reaction mechanisms of removing tin particles using hydrogen atoms. With this research project, I contributed to one of the vital challenges ASML faces regarding EUV lithography. A great deal of my days, I spent in the lab where I had my own experimental setup. The atmosphere at ASML is very informal and friendly, and I got plenty of help and input from the people around me.

Within the field of plasma physics, I wanted to do my graduation project at a big company so I could get a sense of what it would be like to actually work there. While some professors were a bit reluctant to this idea, at EPG there were possibilities right away. Because of intensive contact with the research group at ASML, a graduation project over there was quickly organized.

During my project, I was at EPG regularly to discuss my progress and any difficulties I stumbled onto. At EPG, I found a lot of people interested in my project and more than willing to think with me. This was very helpful and gave me new insights every time. It was always fun switching from ASML back to the student office at EPG and catching up with the other students. Even though I was at ASML most of the time, I felt very welcome at EPG and was considered a genuine member of the group.

Veerle Crijns, Eindhoven, February 2014