Plasma-enhanced beer brewing

As physicists at the Eindhoven University of Technology we find ourselves in a very luxurious position. Beer-wise, that is. After all, our department’s very popular weekly social drink (‘de Borrel’) offers just over 100 special beers from all over the world for a price you can hardly do the shopping for yourself. EPG is of course well represented at ‘de Borrel’. Students and professors alike gladly interchange their offices for ‘de Salon’ at the end of a Thursday afternoon to socialize and enjoy one of mankind’s arguably greatest or worst inventions: beer. But how nice would it be to actually be part of the creation of a beer? At EPG we by now know the answer to this question: “Very!” Not only is brewing beer extremely suitable as a social event, but if all goes well (which by the way has been the case for all our previous endeavors) you end up with a considerable batch of beer that can, for example, be consumed at our yearly group barbecue. We try to brew our own beer at least once every year. Everybody in our group is encouraged to participate in any or all of the steps involved. These steps include the selection or adaptation of a recipe, purchasing the ingredients, actual brewing and bottling of the beer, and several tasting sessions. Recently, we christened our beer “St. Elmo’s Fire”, establishing a link with a plasma phenomenon as well as referring to the mouthfeel (fiery!) our beer should bring about.