Research group

The Group Elementary Processes in Gas Discharges (EPG) aims at doing exactly what its name suggests:

Our mission is to study the elementary processes in gas discharges by a mix of theory, modelling, and diagnostics.

A thorough understanding of the intensity en effectivity of elementary processes like ionization, recombination, transport, radiation, excitation, de-excitation, chemical reactions and surface processes enables the group to develop predictive models of a large range of plasmas. The understanding is obtained by a strong interleaved integration of state-of-the art plasma diagnostics with advanced plasma models. Those models then in turn enable users of the plasmas to optimize the plasma source for their specific application. Over the years, the range of applications the group has worked on has shifted continuously: from plasma etching via lighting to medical applications and many other areas. However, the scientific scope of the group have not shifted: continuously the focus has been with the elementary processes in and the physics of plasmas.

Some applications fade and other applications lure, but plasma physics remains our core.

If you are not familiar with plasma and gas discharge physics, you may wish to consult the Wikipedia page about plasma physics. Alternatively, the applications and techniques sections of this site provide an explanation of the plasma sources and measurement and modelling techniques that are used in our group. If nothing else, the pictures shown there may convince you of the visual beauty of the topic of our research!