Social events

On this page we will try to show you there is more than just plasma research in our group. Many of our group members are regular visitors of our department’s very popular weekly drink (‘de Borrel’). We also organize or partake in many other activities. We'll give you a few examples of some of the yearly activities which have become traditions in the EPG group.

Plasma-enhanced beer brewing

How nice would it be to actually be part of the creation of a beer? At EPG we by now know the answer to this question: “Very!” Not only is brewing beer extremely suitable as a social event, but if all goes well (which by the way has been the case for all our previous endeavors) you end up with a considerable batch of beer that can, for example, be consumed at our yearly group barbecue. We try to brew our own beer at least once every year. Everybody in our group is encouraged to participate in any or all of the steps involved. These steps include the selection or adaptation of a recipe, purchasing the ingredients, actual brewing and bottling of the beer, and several tasting sessions. In this news article, you can read more about the beer we brewed in 2014.

Faculty soccer tournament

Every year, the faculty of applied physics organizes a soccer tournament for all the capacity groups to compete.