About the group

Mission statement

Our research focuses on experiments and numerical simulations in the fields of micro- and nanofluidics, and soft condensed matter physics. These are the following five main research lines:

1.      Complex fluids
2.      Coating flows & microfluidics
3.      Fluid structure interactions
4.      Multicomponent multiphase flows
5.      Complex flows.

Specific subjects are: thin films, coating flows, patterned surfaces and their effects on thin films, particle deposition and evaporation, break-up and mixing in micro flows, nano-particle behavior in flows, behavior of small droplets in flows, wettability of surfaces and deposition defects on surfaces, de-wetting phenomena, mesoscale simulations with particles, mesoscale simulations with deformable blood cells, micro-magnetic particle fluid interaction, laser and fluorescent light induced thin film interaction and de-wetting.

We conduct both fundamental as well as applied research in collaboration with Dutch and international companies and institutions.

An updated list of the current employers can be found here.