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Internships, Externships and Master Projects

There are always plenty of subjects available for intern/externships and graduation projects. These can both be experimental and theoretical/numerical in nature, or a combination of both.


Since research is a dynamic business, we do not post specific topics here –they would quickly outdate. Rather, in discussion with the student, we try to define projects that reflect the most recent developments in our research: you always work at the frontier of science. Hence, to get an idea of the things you might do with us, you can best browse our research page and see if there’s anything that appeals to you.


We have a large international network that we can use to help you find a high quality externship in academia or industry. Please do come by to discuss the possibilities.

Also there are several positions at spin-off company Simbeyond


In case you’re interested in doing your in/externship or graduation project with us, or would like to have more information on the possibilities, you can always contact us.