Nanowire Devices

General information

Nanowires have the potential to transform semiconductor device physics into a new era, thus providing many challenges for fundamentally new devices and improved device performance. The possibility to now grow almost all semiconductors both in the cubic and the hexagonal crystal phase is expected to provide efficient green emitters as well as emission from group IV alloys that can be integrated on a silicon platform. Moreover, nanowires allow to transform a solar cell into a nanophotonic devices capable to break traditional limiting efficiencies.  Finally, nanowire devices provide valorization opportunities since they can be grown on silicon and allow to significantly reduce the amount of expensive semiconductor material while improving device performance.

Nanowires and Devices

Based on our recent nanowire solar cells which are approaching the efficiencies of bulk InP solar cells, we are optimizing the nanophotonic properties to further increase the efficiency.

Nanowire LEDs

Hexagonal core/shell nanowires are studied aiming tom achieve efficient green emission

Hexagonal SiGe light emitters

Hexagonal Si shell are investigated in this group using fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy, aiming to develop a silicon based light emitter.

Optical Spectroscopy

Hexagonal crystal phase semiconductors feature exciting optical properties which are investigated in this group.

Team Members

Principal investigator:
Dr. J.E.M. Haverkort


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