General Information

Nanowires show an unprecedented ability to fabricate well-known materials with different crystal structures and to realize new materials combinations due to their small dimensions. This opens new possiblities to tune the optical and electrical properties. In our group we focus on the growth mechanism of nanowires, and study the optical and thermal properties, and use them as the active material in solar cells. We are especially interested in new material properties, which are unique for nanowires. In collaboration with the Quantum Transport  group ( at Delft University, headed by Leo Kouwenhoven, we investigate the transport properties of our nanowires with a focus on detection and manipulation of Majorana fermions.

Nanowire Growth

Nanowires are one-dimensional structures with a diameter typically in the range 10-100 nanometers and a length of several micrometers. .....(read more)

Nanowire Solar Cells

Energy is one of the grand challenges of the present century. It is of great importance to generate ......(read more)


The direct generation of electrical power from heat by thermoelectric effects is a nourished ..... (read more)


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