Placing an order for your supplies:

  • click here to download an order form.
  • click here to see a well filled in order form.

An order form requires the following information:

  1. Costcenter
  2. if necessary, a Projectnumber
  3. Supplier details (incl. country)
  4. Signature of your supervisor
  5. NEN3140 yes or no (ask a technician for more information)
  6. Clear product description: Articlenumber, units in liters/weight/boxes
  7. Offer/quotation of the supplier
  8. Transportationcosts
  9. Signature of one of the groupleaders.

After completion of this form, hand it in at the secretariaat PSN, Flux 2.108. You will receive a notification to collect your order at the receptiondesk of Flux where you will need to check if the order is complete and sign off the packing list. Important: hand in the packing list at the secretariat PSN.