Working hours, absence in case of illness & holidays

Working hours

Working & opening hours

  • Flux: between 07.00-23.00 hrs.
  • Cascade/Spectrum: 07.00-18.00 hrs.

Working after opening hrs:

  • Call: ext. 2020
  • Permission form
  • Work with a colleague

For working after the above mentioned opening hrs in Cascade and Spectrum, it is obligatory to call ext. 2020 to report that you are in the building and again by leaving the building. For this you will need to have completed a separate permission form to be obtained at the secretary's office. It needs a signature from the groupleader.  Your pass will then be activated.  It is not allowed to work alone after 18.00 hrs. (at least two colleagues). For working after 23.00 hrs, a separate request form is necessary which needs to be signed by the groupleader and is provided in exceptional cases only.

Coffee/tea break

  • 10.00 hrs
  • 15.00 hrs


Absence in case of illness & holidays


Before 10.00 am, your absence due to illness must be reported to the HR sevices. so when ill, always inform your supervisor and the secretariaat PSN by e-mail: secretariaat.psn@tue.nlAlso inform the secretary when you are recovered again. The secretary will inform the HR services on your illness and recovery. 

Holidays & conferences

For registration of holidayhours, conferences and other leave, and for safety regulations within the building, we need to know when you will be absent.

Please inform the secretary beforehand by e-mail: on the excact dates of your absence.