FNA members are very actively involved in teaching, both at the bachelors as well as the masters level. We offer two dedicated master courses that are closely linked to our research area, one delving into the fundamentals of (Nano)Magnetism and a follow-up course where recent exciting developments in the field of NanoSpintronics are explored. Both courses are a mix of theoretical concepts and hands-on experience in the form of experiments, simulations/modeling and written exercises. The courses are aimed at an understanding of magnetism at the nanoscale and how this can be exploited in current and future devices, a real applied physics direction!

NanoMagnetism (3MN150) via OSIRIS

Nanomagnetism is an emerging field within physics where revolutionary discoveries have led to conceptual new magnetic phenomena and industrial applications. This course gives an introduction to the physical phenomena and applications related to magnetic (nano)materials. The student will be introduced to the measurement and direct application of these concepts through hands-on experiments. (responsible lecturer: H.J.M. Swagten)

NanoSpintronics (3MN140) via OSIRIS

Use of the electron ‘spin’ provides revolutionary opportunities for future electronics: energy efficient, huge data densities in, e.g., 3D architectures and ultrafast. The area of ‘nanospintronics’ combines this technological perspective with surprising fundamental concepts. After a review of present developments, the student will apply and deepen the knowledge during a modelling project. (responsible lecturer: prof.dr. B. Koopmans)