All work and no play is definitely not part of FNA's philosophy. For the enjoyment of the students (and staff), there are several activities that the students (and staff) can participate in.

FNA soccer team Spin ‘m d’r in

In first-year text books, the spin of an electron is often compared to and illustrated by the example of a spinning ball. This is a very interesting picture, although a severely limited one. In order to fully investigate and appreciate the differences and similarities between electrons and balls, FNA has for several years been running a dedicated research program. In this program a specialized team of its researchers has been weekly performing advanced experiments on the properties of spinning balls.


Every year in the beginning of december Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet visit our group. This is one of the best celebrations we have in the group!


At the end of the december we have another party. We make it nice and cosy then. And, as the Dutch name says, there will be plenty of food. Within FNA, we annually award a special cup for the greatest blunder of the year, the so-called blunderbokaal which is awarded during the oudejaarsbraspartij following a complex election procedure.

Group outing, garden party, skate clinic, etc…

Each year all of the group members gather for a nice cultural and social daytrip. In autumn the skate clinic starts. With some help of Bert some group members are improving their ice-skatingtalents, while some of our foreign colleagues try to skate for the first time of their life. Because the FNA-group likes to party, sometimes there are just party's for fun or to celebrate a publication.