Nanolab@TU/e cleanroom & dual-beam technology

NanoLabNL is a Dutch national facility for nanotechnology research. Since 2004, it has been offering the use of facilities and expertise to universities, research institutes, start-ups and industry on 4 locations in the Netherlands (Delft, Eindhoven, Groningen and Twente). NanoLab@TU/e serves Photonic and Nanotechnology research and innovation in the Netherlands, either through academic research activities or through the multitude of industrial collaborations. It offers state-of-the-art facilities for the fabrication of III-V semiconductor and photonic devices, as well as the deposition of organic, magnetic, and electronic nanostructured materials. The FNA research group makes frequent use of these facilities, located mainly in the TU/e cleanroom,

TU/e cleanroom

Housed in the Spectrum building, right next to the FNA research group, is the TU/e cleanroom. This large (800 m2) cleanroom offers a wide range of facilities for lithography, deposition, processing and analysis of thin films. Read more at NanoLab@TU/e.

FEI Nova 600i Dual Beam

The Nova 600i uses a focused electron beam and focused ion beam to visualize, characterize, and manipulate samples. Gas injection systems allow us to grow 2D or 3D nano-structures, which can be analyzed in-situ.