PhD theses

Writing with a 3D Nanopen, magnetic applications of focused electron beam induced deposition
Nidhi Sharma, 29 May 2017

New directions for magnetic memory; Alternative switching mechanisms for magnetic random access memory
Arno van den Brink, 19 September 2016

Cellular Magnetic Devices: Using magnetostatically interacting elements for logic, memory, and communication
R.A. van Mourik, November 2015

Magnetism and Molecular Materials; investigating magnetic field effects in organic semiconductors
Matthijs Cox, February 2015

Manipulating Spins; novel methods for controlling magnetization dynamics on the ultimate timescale
A.J. Schellekens, April 2014

Domain Walls Shift Gears; novel ways to control magnetic domain-wall motion
J.H. Franken, March 2014

Exciting spins; revealing nonlocal effects in ultrafast magnetization dynamics
Koen Kuiper, November 2013

Spins in Organic Semiconductors; revealing the dominant mechanisms of organic magnetoresistance
Paul Jansen, September 2013

Another spin in the wall; domain wall dynamics in perpendicularly magnetized devices
R. Lavrijsen, January 2011

FNA Theses, 2010 and earlier

Plastic Spintronics; spin transport and intrinsic magnetoresistance in organic semiconductors
W. Wagemans, June 2010

Organic Magnetoresistance; An investigation of microscopic and device properties
Francisco Bloom, November 2010

Spin dynamics in hybrid spintronic devices and semiconductor nanostructures
J.H.H. Rietjens, February 2009

Magnetization dynamics in racetrack memory
B. Bergman, June 2009

Towards nanoscale magnetic memory elements
C. Fabrie, February 2008

Laser-induced magnetization dynamics
F. Dalla Longa, June 2008

Detection and manipulation of metallic and magnetic nanostructures
O. Adam, June 2008

Key concepts in spin tunnelling: amorphous ferromagnets for spintronics
P.V. Paluskar,July 2008

Magnetoresistance effects in hybrid semiconductor devices
J.J.H.M. Schoonus, December 2008

Optical detection of the magnetization precession
C. Jozsa, January 2006

Ultrathin Co Films for Magnetoresistive Devices: a NMR study
H. Wieldraaijer, June 2006

EuS based thin film layered systems
C.J.P. Smits, August 2006

Probing spin polarization; Point contacts and tunnel junctions
C.H. Kant, January 2005

Plasma Oxidation for magnetic tunnel junctions
C.A.M. Knechten, February 2005

Organo-metallic structures for spintronic applications
M.V. Tiba, March 2005

Photoinduced transport in magnetic layered structures
P.H.P. Koller, June 2004

Ultrafast spin dynamics in ferromagnetic metals
M. van Kampen, July 2003

Fundamental Aspects of Spin Polarized Tunneling - magnetic tunnel junctions and spin filters
P.R. LeClair, June 2002

Tunnel junctions: noise and barrier characterization
A.A. Smits, September 2001