Five Points

The group Plasma and Materials Processing is unique in its approach to study plasma and surface processes in situ and in real time during processing by employing a large set of existing and newly-developed plasma and surface diagnostics.
Our approach to research in 5 points:

  1. At P&MP we conduct high-quality scientific research for publication in high-impact journals in applied physics and related fields.
  2. Our research is application-oriented. The research questions and aims are triggered by both current developments and future trends in technology.
  3. We aim to pioneer new technological advances through collaborations with industrial partners. This is generally geared towards innovations withing a 5-10 years timeframe.
  4. We place a strong emphasis on the valorization of research, thereby bridging academic research and applications.
  5. We take a multidisciplinary approach to our research as manifested by the various educational backgrounds of our group members.