Mark Scheffer

Hi, I'm Mark Scheffer - a computing scientist raised here at the Eindhoven University of Technology by the schools of N.G. de Bruijn and E. Dijkstra.

After a deviation into Electronic Design Automation - working on layout optimization solutions for the semiconductor industry - I returned to the TU/e, but now in the physics department. In the Fusion group I take on the challenge to show that it is possible to extract relevant information like the ion temperature, rotation, and helium concentration in real-time out of CXRS spectral measurements and that this information can reliably be used for real-time control of a fusion reactor.

Other activities involve ICT-support, ccd-control, PR, website design and maintenance, and Fusenet.

In this era of environmental and energy problems, I found in the Fusion group an enthousiastic team that shares the dream of controlled reaction and prolonged confinement. The project I'm working on is one of the activities the TU/e started as a member of the ITER-NL consortium. It offers an exciting combination of theoretical research and direct application.