Polymer and Soft Condensed Matter Physics Seminar

The Polymer and Condensed Matter Physics seminar is the general colloquium organized by the Theory of Polymers and Soft Matter group (TPS) for the entire TU/e community. We do our best to select speakers whose work reflects interests within our group, but make sure that they carefully introduce these topics in a manner that is accessible to all.

Seminars are held on Mondays from 11:00-12:00, in room Flux 0.300 unless otherwise noted. The archive containing previous years' seminars may be accessed from the links at the bottom of this page.

Clicking on the Announcement and Abstract links will open a pdf in a new window (as soon as one is actually available).


Fall 2015 TPS Seminar Schedule
Sep 7Oksana Manyuhina (Syracuse)Defective ground states in confined liquid crystalsPDF
Oct 26 (13:30, Flux 5.256)Frank Smallenburg (HHU Düsseldorf)Phase behavior in network-forming liquids: patchy particles, vitrimers, and waterPDF
Nov 20Multiple SpeakersMinisymposium on Brain PhysicsPDF
Nov 30Bart Vorselaars (Lincoln)Crystal nucleation and thermodynamics of molecular systems: rare event sampling and free energy methods


Dec 4Laura Filion (Utrecht)Diffusion in novel colloidal crystals [POSTPONED]PDF
Jan 18Anne Meyer (TU Delft)Synthetic biology for the sustainable production of patterned biomaterialsPDF



Spring 2015 TPS Seminar Schedule
Mar 9Edan Lerner (University of Amsterdam)Connecting microscopic structure to rheology in non-Brownian suspensions


Mar 30Krassimir Velikov (Unilever & U. Utrecht)Forced phase transitions in cellulose microfibril networksPDF

Apr 28

Lambert van Breemen (TU/e)Surface mechanics of polymer glasses: friction and wear [NOTE: 14:00h in Flux 5.256]


May 11Joshua Dijksman (Wageningen UR)Bridging the Micro-Macro Response of Granular Materials: 3D Experiments and Non-local NumericsPDF



Fall 2014 TPS Seminar Schedule
Sep 15Ramin Golestanian (Oxford)Building blocks for Active MatterPDF
Oct 13Marcus Müller (Georg-August Universität, Göttingen)Directing the self-assembly of copolymer materials


Nov 24Arlette Baljon (San Diego State University)Computational studies of associating polymersPDF



Spring 2014 TPS Seminar Schedule
Jan 13David Holcman (ENS Paris)Analysis of superresolution data using Langevin equation and a multiscale approach of synaptic transmissionPDF
Jan 20Chris Groves (Durham University)Examining losses within organic solar cells using Monte CarloPDF
Feb 17Hans Wyss (TU/e)Long–range repulsion of colloids driven by ion–exchange and diffusiophoresisPDF
Mar 10Martijn Kemerink (University of Linköping)Charge carrier dynamics in operational solar cellsPDF
May 12Florian Müller-Plathe (TU Darmstadt)Polymer interfaces and interphases - understanding from multiscale simulationsPDF
May 19Mark Miller (Durham University)Structure and stability of charged clusters: Revisiting Rayleigh and ThomsonPDF
Jun 2Daniela Kraft (Leiden University)Self-assembly of anisotropic colloidal particlesPDF
Jun 13Frauke Gräter (Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies)Mechanics of proteins and biomaterials using simulations - from atoms to fibersPDF
Jun 23Roland Netz (FU Berlin)Single polymers at surfaces: adhesion and dynamicsPDF
Jun 30Claus Heussinger (Georg-August-Univ. Göttingen)Complex rheology at the jamming transi>on: shear thickening, shear thinning, shear bandingPDF