TPS Archives

Five most recent PhD Theses (titles link to pdf's):

dr. A. Sharma: Modeling of bias-induced changes of organic field-effect transistor characteristics (defense: Jun 15, 2011)

dr. J.J.M. van der Holst: Three-dimensional modeling of charge transport, injection and  recombination in organic light-emitting diodes (defense: Dec 21, 2010)

dr. L.P. van Dijk: Exciton-polarons in self-assembling helical aggregates: Relating optical properties to supramolecular structure (defense: Jun 7, 2010)

dr. B. Vorselaars: Local dynamics and deformation of glass-forming polymers; modelling and atomistic simulations (defense: Mar 20, 2008)

dr. T. Mulder: Equilibration and deformation of glass-forming polymers: molecular simulation via connectivity-altering Monte Carlo and scale-jumping methods (defense: Mar 20, 2008)

Five most recent MSc Theses (titles link to pdf's):

J.J. de Vries, MSc: Simulating biopolymer networks: Towards mobile crosslinkers

F.W.A. van Oost, MSc: Bipolaron mechanism for organic magnetoresistance

E.E.K. de Caluwé, MSc: Emergent plasticity in glassy and polymer-like material

R.J.J.M. Jongen, MSc: The electrostatics and thermodynamics of single-stranded RNA viruses

S.G.J. Mathijssen, MSc: Spatio-temporal potential mapping of organic field-effect transistors

Five most recent BSc Theses (titles link to pdf's):

L. Wang, BSc: The radial distribution of multiply crosslinked, semiflexible polymers

B. van Lith, BSc: Distribution of genetic material inside a simple RNA virus

J. Stegen, MSc: Simulations on the rheology of polymeric gels

R. Saris, BSc: Montmorillonite clay: modelling and measuring interparticle interaction

J. Everts, BSc: Expression of chirality by competing nucleated self-assembly