TPS Courses

Courses provided by TPS staff members:

  • 3AP16 Computational Physics (Lyulin)
  • 3N110 Quantum Theory of the Solid State (Bobbert)
  • 3N290 Materials Physics on the Computer (Bobbert, Lyulin)
  • 3NB65 Thermal Physics 2 (Bobbert, Lyulin)
  • 3VN70 Computer Algebra in Physics (Bobbert)
  • 3N300 Self Organisation of Soft Condensed Matter (van der Schoot)
  • 3NA20 Introductory Physics (van der Schoot)
  • 3VN20 Physics of Life (van der Schoot, Storm)
  • 6BM33 Introductory Polymer Physics (Lyulin)
  • 0UC13 The Age of Complexity (Storm)
  • 3N280 Polymer Physics (Storm)
  • 3DBX0Biologische Fysica (Storm)
  • 3CS00 Theoretical Physics Seminar (Bobbert, Storm)
  • 3CS01 Percolation, fractals & scaling in condensed matter (Michels)
  • 3CS02 Non-equilibrium thermodynamics & statistical mechanics (van der Schoot)
  • 3CS04 Landau theory of phase transitions (Storm)
  • 3CS05 Quantum Field Theory (Bobbert)