Optical flow diagnostics

(Stereoscopic) Particle Image Velocimetry:

  • Provides in-plane components of velocity in planar cross-section of flow when using 1 camera; also out-of-plane velocity when using 2 cameras.
  • In our lab applied in many turbulent flows, in particular with rotation. Also in shallow-layer flows and in the wind tunnel.
  • Dual-cavity pulsed Nd:YAG laser with dual-exposure PIV cameras.

3D Particle Tracking Velocimetry:

  • Tracking of tracer particles in a 3D volume with (typically) 4 cameras; provides full volumetric flow velocity measurement.
  • Tracking applied in rotating turbulent flows, convection-driven flow, but also in 3D laminar mixing experiments.
  • Even used to track water droplets in turbulent airflow.
  • Pulsed LED arrays for volumetric illumination; camera sets with framerates of 30 Hz and of 1 kHz.

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