Academic staff

prof.dr. H.J.H. Clercx (Herman)

Herman Clercx is professor and chair of the group Vortex Dynamics and Turbulence (WDY). He is recipient of a Vici-grant on Dispersion in Geophysical Flows (2004). Research: (quasi-)2D turbulence, stratified/rotating turbulence, particles/droplets in turbulence, multiscale modelling of transport in turbulent flows, 3D viscous mixing for microfluidic and industrial applications, rotating granular flows.

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dr. M. Durán Matute (Matías)

Matías Durán Matute is interested in environmental fluid mechanics with special emphasis on mixing in stratified flows, sediment transport, and transport of suspended substances in coastal areas. His work aims at elucidating the physical principles behind these complex phenomena using both laboratory experiments and numerical simulations.

Employee page B.J. Geurts (Bernard)

Bernard Geurts is a part-time professor in our group. His principal affiliation is the University of Twente. He works on the numerical modelling of turbulent flows: LES modelling, particles in turbulence, modulation and control of turbulence.

Employee page G.J.F. van Heijst (GertJan)

 GertJan van Heijst is professor of fluid dynamics in the Group Vortex Dynamics and Turbulence (WDY).His research interests include dynamics of rotating and stratified fluids, vortex structures, chaotic transport, 2D/rotating/stratified turbulence and transport of sediment by flows. He is co-editor-in-chief of the European Journal of Mechanics B/Fluids, member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences, and recipient of the Dutch Physica Award (2006). Furthermore, he serves as President of EUROMECH, and as scientific director of the JM Burgerscentrum, the Dutch graduate school for fluid dynamics.

Employee page L.P.J. Kamp (Leon)

Leon Kamp has a general interest in theoretical aspects of fluid dynamics. At the moment his research focusses on the dynamics of shallow flows and associated quasi-two-dimensional behaviour and on transport phenomena in such flows. Moreover, he is interested in electro- and magnetohydrodynamics and collaborates on these subjects with other groups in the department. Last but not least he is entering the field of flow control and seeks collaboration on this with the department of mechanical engineering.

Employee page R.P.J. Kunnen (Rudie)

Rudie Kunnen is involved in the experimental turbulence research within the group WDY. The principal topics are (rotating) Rayleigh-Bénard convection and droplets in turbulence. He has expertise in optical flow diagnostics (PIV, 3D-PTV, LIF), but is also involved in numerical simulation.

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prof.dr. F. Toschi (Federico)

Federico Toschi holds the chair of Computational Physics of Multi-scale Transport Phenomena in the department of Physics and in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Eindhoven University of Technology which is part of the 3TU Centre of Excellence for Multiscale Phenomena.
His research interests lie at the intersection between statistical physics, fluid dynamics and computational science.
Ongoing research activities include fundamental physics of fluid dynamics turbulence, heat and mass transport in fluids, statistical physics of fluids and gases, complex fluids, soft glasses, active matter, micro and nano-fluids, rarefied gas flows, numerical methods for fluid dynamics, high-performance computing. Challenging multi-scale problems are approached both via the improvement in the fundamental understanding of the physics, as well as via the development of innovative computational techniques.

Employee page  —  Personal webpage R.R. Trieling (Ruben)

Ruben Trieling has a background in applied physics with expertise in fluid dynamics. His current research focuses on various aspect of chaotic transport in porous media, including subsurface mixing with applications in the fields of enhanced oil recovery and bioremediation. He has ample experience with flow-visualization techniques, such as PIV and 3D-PTV, and Lagrangian-based numerical methods. Previous research topics involve rotating- and stratified fluids, vortex dynamics and two-dimensional turbulence.

Employee page W. van de Water (Willem)

Willem van de Water is interested in turbulence and nonlinear phenomena. He likes to use and develop new experimental techniques.

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