STudent educatiOn ORganisation (STOOR)

Welcome to the website of STOOR

We are STOOR, an organization within the faculty of Applied Physics that is trying to make studying at this university as pleasant as possible.

On this website you can find previous exams, presentations of information meetings, and you can find information on internships.

Do take a quick peak and let us know whenever something bothers you, or you couldn't find the information you were looking for. Contact us by mail or add us on Facebook

Do you prefer contact in person than visit Flux 0.259, every break from 12:45 untill 13:30.


What is STOOR?

STOOR consists of 4 students, who get assistance from the physics department. Our main contacts are the Bachelor student advisor Ruben Trieling, the Master student advisor Jos Zeegers, the quality care manager Sonia Puénte-Gomez, and the educational manager André Duif.

What is the purpose of STOOR?

Our purpose is to make studying at the physics department as comfortable as possible. We try to achieve this by

  • Looking after the interests of the physics students
  • Stimulate clear communication between student organizations and students
  • Service
  • Handeling most of students' complains
  • Provide information

What are the tasks of STOOR?

Some of our tasks are

  • Gathering old exams
  • Make the monthly students newsletter
  • Organize meetings regarding internships
  • Handle complaints

Where can you find us?

STOOR can be found in Flux 0.259 every working day from 12:45 until 13:30. However we are always available by e-mail: STOOR.