S. (Sasa) Gazibegovic MA - Expertise

Gazibegovic, S.  MA
Address :
Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
P.O. Box 513
Department :
Department of Applied Physics
Section :
Photonics and Semiconductor Nanophysics
Positioncategory :
doctoral candidate (PhD) (PhD Stud.)
Position :
doctoral candidate
Room :
FLX 2.103
Tel :
+31 40-247 8372
Tel (internal) :
Email :



Saša Gazibegović started her PhD at Delft University of Technology in 2015. She is working as the guest PhD at Eindhoven University of Technology. Her main research is MOVPE and MBE growth of InSb nanowires and superconductors with the main application in quantum information processing. In 2013 she moved from Bosnia and Herzegovina to the Netherlands and started with internship/master thesis in Holst Centre/TNO. In 2014 she graduated at the Faculty of Science of University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and decided to continue with research by enrolling in a PhD. Saša was working as a volunteer in creative team for SOS-Kinderdorf in 2012/13. She also enjoys cooking.