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Name Section Positioncategory Room Tel. number Email
Dalderop, ir. J.H.J. TPM OBP CC 1.14 +31 40-247 4104 Email to Dalderop, ir. J.H.J.
Damen, M.A. PMP PhD Stud. FLX 3.096 +31 40-247 4882 Email to Damen, M.A.
Darhuber, prof.dr. A.A. MTP HGL CC 3.16 +31 40-247 4499 Email to Darhuber, prof.dr. A.A.
Datadien, K.P.N. BSc WDY PhD Stud. CC 2.23 Email to Datadien, K.P.N. BSc
Datta, K. M2N PhD Stud. STW 4.42 Email to Datta, K.
Davalos Segura, S. SAI-DTI TOIO FLX 0.120 +31 40-247 5625 Email to Davalos Segura, S.
Dellaert, ir. R.A. MTP PhD Stud. CC 3.01c +31 613778703 Email to Dellaert, ir. R.A.
Demirer, F.E. MSc FNA PhD Stud. CC 0. Email to Demirer, F.E. MSc
Derkx, A.M. dfez-DFEZ Algemeen OBP FLX 0.104 +31 40-247 4192 Email to Derkx, A.M.
Devreese, prof.dr. J.T.L. PSN HGL em FLX 0. Email to Devreese, prof.dr. J.T.L.
Di Palma, V. PMP PhD Stud. FLX 3.096 +31 40-247 4882 Email to Di Palma, V.
Di Staso, G. WDY PD CC 2.12 +31 40-247 2143 Email to Di Staso, G.
Dierick - van Daele, dr. A.T.M. SMPE/e n.a. FLX 0.123 Email to Dierick - van Daele, dr. A.T.M.
Digeronimo, G.E. MSc PSN OWP FLX 2.095 +31 40-247 5057 Email to Digeronimo, G.E. MSc
Dijcks, S.J. EPG PhD Stud. FLX 3.122 +31 40-247 5569 Email to Dijcks, S.J.
Dijk, J. van EPG UHD FLX 3.111 +31 40-247 4871 Email to Dijk, J. van
Dijkstra, A. AND PhD Stud. FLX 2.103 +31 40-247 5172 Email to Dijkstra, A.
Dijkstra, ing. W.M. M2N OBP SPEC 0.54 +31 40-247 4108 Email to Dijkstra, ing. W.M.
Diniz Guimaraes, dr. M.H. FNA PD SPEC 1.29 +31 40-247 5035 Email to Diniz Guimaraes, dr. M.H.
Doms, C.A.G. PMP Secretary FLX 3.093 +31 40-247 4880 Email to Doms, C.A.G.
Dongen, M.E.H. van MTP HGL em CC 3.15 +31 40-247 4171 Email to Dongen, M.E.H. van
Donk - van Alphen, drs. E. van de QMI TOIO FLX 0.120 Email to Donk - van Alphen, drs. E. van de
Donkers, dr. P.A.J. TPM OWP CC 1.12 Email to Donkers, dr. P.A.J.
Donné, dr. A.J.H. Fusion OWP FLX 5.115 Email to Donné, dr. A.J.H.
Doorn, H.A. van CQT OBP CYC 0.11 +31 40-247 2478 Email to Doorn, H.A. van
Doornmalen, ir. J.P.C.M. van EPG OWP FLX 3.111 Email to Doornmalen, ir. J.P.C.M. van
Drenten, dr. R.R. EPG OWP FLX 3.108 Email to Drenten, dr. R.R.
Duif - van Vlokhoven, ing. M. tn-OITN-Labs OBP FLX 0.124 +31 40-247 2557 Email to Duif - van Vlokhoven, ing. M.
Duif, dr. A.M. tn-OITN-Labs OWP FLX 0.122 +31 40-247 2582 Email to Duif, dr. A.M.
Duine, prof.dr. R.A. FNA HGL SPEC 1.74 +31 40-247 4672 Email to Duine, prof.dr. R.A.
Duran Matute, dr. M. WDY UD CC 2.15 Email to Duran Matute, dr. M.
Dvornova, A. Fusion PhD Stud. FLX 6. Email to Dvornova, A.
Dyson, M.J. M2N OWP STW 4.32 Email to Dyson, M.J.

Total persons: 33