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Name Section Positioncategory Room Tel. number Email
Gagliano, dr. L. AND PD FLX 2.090 +31 40-247 2146 Email to Gagliano, dr. L.
Galeotti, F. PSN PhD Stud. FLX 2.095 +31 40-247 4866 Email to Galeotti, F.
Gangelen, W. van TPM Secretary CC 1.05 +31 40-247 4248 Email to Gangelen, W. van
Gazibegovic, S. MA AND PhD Stud. FLX 2.103 +31 40-247 8372 Email to Gazibegovic, S. MA
Gelderblom, H. WDY UD CC 0.2.20 +31 40-247 3421 Email to Gelderblom, H.
Gelinck, prof.dr. G.H. M2N HGL SPEC 1.81 +31 40-247 5439 Email to Gelinck, prof.dr. G.H.
Geurts, B.J. CCER HGL FLX 0. Email to Geurts, B.J.
Gezici - Koç, Ö. TPM PhD Stud. CC 1.03 +31 40-247 4063 Email to Gezici - Koç, Ö.
Gils, A.J.M. CQT n.a. CYC 0. Email to Gils, A.J.M.
Gireesan, S. M2N PhD Stud. SPEC 0. Email to Gireesan, S.
Girotto, I. MSc WDY PhD Stud. SPEC 0. Email to Girotto, I. MSc
Gomez Puente, dr. S.M. OITN OBP FLX 0.122 +31 40-247 8636 Email to Gomez Puente, dr. S.M.
Gómez Rivas, prof.dr. J. PSN HGL FLX 2.082 +31 40-247 2669 Email to Gómez Rivas, prof.dr. J.
González Curto, dr. A. PSN UD FLX 2.104 +31 40-247 4205 Email to González Curto, dr. A.
Gonzalez, A.S. MSc WDY PhD Stud. CC 2.01 Email to Gonzalez, A.S. MSc
Goshayeshi, B. WDY PhD Stud. CC 0. Email to Goshayeshi, B.
Gottardi, S. M2N n.a. SPEC 0.65 Email to Gottardi, S.
Goyal, A. WDY PhD Stud. CC 0. Email to Goyal, A.
Grady, E. MSc PMP PhD Stud. FLX 3.116 +31 40-247 4919 Email to Grady, E. MSc
Graef, W.A.A.D. EPG PD FLX 3.083 +31 40-247 3090 Email to Graef, W.A.A.D.
Groen, drs. P.W.C. EPG PhD Stud. FLX 3.113 +31 40-247 5765 Email to Groen, drs. P.W.C.
Groot, drs. P.F.C. QMI TOIO FLX 0.120 +31 40-247 5625 Email to Groot, drs. P.F.C.
Grünzel, T. MSc TPM PhD Stud. CC 0.1.17 Email to Grünzel, T. MSc
Guccione, G. WDY PhD Stud. CC 0. Email to Guccione, G.
Gupta, A. WDY PhD Stud. CC 2.03 Email to Gupta, A.

Total persons: 25