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Below you find all full professors of the department Applied Physics.

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Name Section Chair Tel. number Email
Adan, prof.dr.ir. O.C.G. TPM +31 40-247 3398 Email to Adan, prof.dr.ir. O.C.G.
Bakkers, prof.dr. E.P.A.M. AND +31 40-247 5170 Email to Bakkers, prof.dr. E.P.A.M.
Banine, prof.dr. V.Y. EPG Email to Banine, prof.dr. V.Y.
Brocks, prof.dr. G.H.L.A. CCER Email to Brocks, prof.dr. G.H.L.A.
Clercx, prof.dr. H.J.H. WDY +31 40-247 2680 Email to Clercx, prof.dr. H.J.H.
Coehoorn, prof.dr. R. M2N +31 40-247 8321 Email to Coehoorn, prof.dr. R.
Cottaar, prof.dr.ir. E.J.E. SMPE/e +31 40-247 4375 Email to Cottaar, prof.dr.ir. E.J.E.
Darhuber, prof.dr. A.A. WDY +31 40-247 4499 Email to Darhuber, prof.dr. A.A.
Duine, prof.dr. R.A. FNA +31 40-247 4672 Email to Duine, prof.dr. R.A.
Ebert, prof.dr. U.M. EPG Email to Ebert, prof.dr. U.M.
Fiore, prof.dr. A. PSN +31 40-247 2118 Email to Fiore, prof.dr. A.
Flatté, prof.dr. M.E. PSN +31 40-247 2056 Email to Flatté, prof.dr. M.E.
Gelinck, prof.dr. G.H. M2N +31 40-247 5439 Email to Gelinck, prof.dr. G.H.
Geurts, prof.dr.ir. B.J. CCER Email to Geurts, prof.dr.ir. B.J.
Gómez Rivas, prof.dr. J. PSN +31 40-247 2669 Email to Gómez Rivas, prof.dr. J.
Heijst, prof.dr.ir. G.J.F. van WDY +31 40-247 2722 Email to Heijst, prof.dr.ir. G.J.F. van
Huijsmans, prof.dr.ir. G.T.A. Fusion Email to Huijsmans, prof.dr.ir. G.T.A.
Janssen, prof.dr.ir. R.A.J. M2N +31 40-247 4711 Email to Janssen, prof.dr.ir. R.A.J.
Kessels, prof.dr.ir. W.M.M. PMP +31 40-247 3477 Email to Kessels, prof.dr.ir. W.M.M.
Koelman, prof.dr.ir. J.M.V.A. CCER Email to Koelman, prof.dr.ir. J.M.V.A.
Koenraad, prof.dr. P.M. PSN +31 40-247 4105 Email to Koenraad, prof.dr. P.M.
Koopmans, prof.dr. B. FNA +31 40-247 4855 Email to Koopmans, prof.dr. B.
Kroesen, prof.dr.ir. G.M.W. Board TN +31 40-247 4357 Email to Kroesen, prof.dr.ir. G.M.W.
Leeuwen, prof.dr. K.A.H. van ESoE Email to Leeuwen, prof.dr. K.A.H. van
Lopes Cardozo, prof.dr. N.J. Fusion +31 40-247 5008 Email to Lopes Cardozo, prof.dr. N.J.
Luiten, prof.dr.ir. O.J. CQT +31 40-247 4359 Email to Luiten, prof.dr.ir. O.J.
Prins, prof.dr.ir. M.W.J. MBx +31 40-247 4018 Email to Prins, prof.dr.ir. M.W.J.
Rooij, prof.dr.ir. G.J. van EPG Email to Rooij, prof.dr.ir. G.J. van
Sanden, prof.dr.ir. M.C.M. van de PMP +31 40-3334914 Email to Sanden, prof.dr.ir. M.C.M. van de
Schoot, prof.dr.ir. P.P.A.M. van der TPS +31 40-247 4347 Email to Schoot, prof.dr.ir. P.P.A.M. van der
Storm, prof.dr. C. TPS +31 40-247 4117 Email to Storm, prof.dr. C.
Toschi, prof.dr. F. WDY +31 40-247 3911 Email to Toschi, prof.dr. F.
Verhagen, prof.dr. E. PSN +31 40-247 2146 Email to Verhagen, prof.dr. E.

Total persons: 33