Events from 5 September 2018

( Events from 5 September 2018 to 1 October 2018 )
  1. Promotion Wouter Engelen (BME)

    Promotion Wouter Engelen (BME)

    'Protein sensing and actuation using DNA-based molecular systems'

  2. Promotion Fan Huang (BME)

    Promotion Fan Huang (BME)


    'Analysis of vascular biomarkers on retinal images for early eye disease detection'

  3. Promotion Valentina Bonito (BME)

    Promotion Valentina Bonito (BME)


    'Immunomodulatory materials for in situ cardiovascular tissue engineering'

  4. Master's graduation ceremony 01-10

    Master's graduation ceremony 01-10

    14:00 | 18:00

    On October 1st, graduate students will receive their Master's diploma.