Bart Sanders - PhD student

Bart Sanders graduated in 2011 from the Master's Biomedical Engineering at the TU/e. Now he is working in one of the research groups of the Department of Biomedical Engineering as PhD student. He tells about his career:

"After my Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering, I was interested in the biological aspects and the hospital sector. Because the Eindhoven University of Technology had a very strong Biomedical Engineering department with very close collaboration with academic hospitals, I chose to do my Master’s degree in Eindhoven.

At the moment I do a PhD in heart valve tissue eningeering, to treat future babies that are born with congenital heart valve failure. I am optimizing the tissue engineered heart valve functionality and study the immunological response of the host body. Within this research I work together with national and international universities and hospitals. This makes the research extra interesting. I believe that, as an engineer, you cannot find a better place to work as Eindhoven. Because of the Brainport region there are many opportunities for collaborations with businesses."