Bachelor's End Project

In the Bachelor's End Project (BEP) you independently do research under guidance of a researcher. On the Bachelor's End Project, you will write a report and give a presentation.

This end project is the final project of your bachelor's program. It is a good preparation for your internship and research project in your master's program.

Examples of projects

Below you can find examples of projects that our students of the major Biomedical Engineering have done in the past couple of years:

      • Effect of boundary conditions on wall stress analysis of abdominal aortic aneurysms.
      • A Novel Outer Membrane Protein for Functionalization of the E. coli Cell Surface.
      • Cartilage Damage Progression.
      • Studying change over time in extracellular matrix production.
      • Sensors for antibody detection of different Dengue viruses.
      • Modelling pressure and heat production of high intensity focused ultrasound transducers.
      • The fetal circulatory system: modeling preferential blood flows.