Electives and coaching within the bachelor's program

Besides the compulsory courses you take in your major Biomedical Engineering or Medical Sciences and Technology, a quarter of your bachelor's program is filled with electives.


Within the electives you can choose to broaden your view and look beyond the borders of Biomedical Engineering or Medical Science and Technology. You can for example choose to follow medically oriented electives, electives on entrepreneurship or physics; we invite you to have a look in other departments of the TU/e.


Besides broadening your view, you can deepen your knowledge. You will dive into biomedical subjects you find the most interesting. This can help you to have an optimal preparation for your master's program. 

After permission of the exam committee, it is also possible to follow (part of) your elective courses at another (Dutch or foreign) University.


Coaches of the TU/e give personal advice, from start to finish. With your coach you will look at your electives and you will put together your own educational program that fits your interests and ambition. If you find out that a different major would fit you more, you will find a solution with your coach.

Study advisor

When you experience a fear of exams, black outs, problems with studying or problems of  a personal nature, the study advisor can help. During the time you study at the TU/e, you can go to the study advisor for a personal conversation. Sometimes the study advisor can invite you for a talk because of your study progress. Conversations with the study advisor are confidential and will take place in an open atmosphere.

The study advisor can help you with things like study schemes, time management and how to study, but she could also refer you to the student psychologist, doctor or student dean.

Student mentor

During your first week at the TU/e, you and group of other first year students will get a student mentor. The student mentor is a current Biomedical Engineering student, so the student mentor has experience with the department, the study, the subjects and everything concerning studying in Eindhoven. 

In your first year, you will get together regularly under guidance of the student mentor to discuss study progress, study skills and approach. Besides talking about the study, the student mentor also knows everything about living on your own, the department, professors and so on.