Admission and selection

A full understanding of the Dutch language is required to join our Bachelor’s program Biomedical Engineering, for the majors Biomedical Engineering as well as Medical Science and Technology.

To find out more about the undergraduate programs of Eindhoven University of Technology which are open to international students, go to Undergraduate programs (Bachelor's programs in English).

To find out more about the possibilities to join our Master’s programs (graduate programs) of Biomedical Engineering and Medical Engineering, go to Master Biomedical Engineering or to Master Medical Engineering.

The International Office handles all foreign admissions. Go to Admission requirements for international students to find out more about the application procedure, English language proficiency requirements and more. 

If you have a Dutch pre-university diploma (VWO), click on 'Nederlands' in the header and read about the admission requirements.

Selections for students starting 2019-2020

For the academic year 2019-2020, TU/e will most likely set an upper limit on the amount of students for the majors Biomedical Engineering and Medical Sciences and Technology. There will be a single selection for the two majors Biomedical Engineering and Medical Sciences and Technology, because both are part of the same bachelor’s program.

There are two criteria for the selection. TU/e selection programs all use the average high-school grade (or an equivalent) as one criterion.  Secondly, the results of the Biomedical Admission Test (BMAT) will be used.

Do you want to know more about the selection at TU/e? Check out the general page about the bachelor’s programs with selection.

The program is partly in Dutch, so for more detailed information you can check the Dutch site.